The Business of Business Intelligence





At Aperity we focus on the right technology and tools to gather and manage data across your transactional, legacy and external sources.   We carefully partner with the best companies to help us deliver a highly scalable solution at an affordable price to deliver value to our customers by helping them exceed their business objectives.


MicroStrategy is a global leader in Business Intelligence systems and provides integrated reporting, analysis and monitoring software that helps leading organizations worldwide make better business decisions every day.

IBM Netezza, the global data warehouse appliance market leader, enables your enterprise to make all of your data actionable - quickly, simply and affordably. IBM Netezza delivers breakthrough performance, unmatched ease of deployment and innovative flexibility and scalability.

Wincourse is a cloud based managed services provider designed to help reduce operations management and support costs.  Through their cloud based application delivery service, Wincourse delivers cost saving alternatives to traditional IT Consulting, Support and Technology Services.

Visual Crossing Map Services is the only end-to-end mapping solution for Business Intelligence (BI).  It’s the ideal combination of a user-friendly map control and a powerful, enterprise-proven GIS engine.   By utilizing your existing BI infrastructure, Visual Crossing eliminates retraining and greatly reduces IT costs and complexity.   Map Services out-performs conventional GIS systems and provides immediate return on investment while empowering real-world, business operations:  Customer Prospecting, Sales Territory Assignment, Site Selection, Demographic Marketing, Competitor Tracking, Trend Analysis and much more.